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Activities of the Famee Furlane Club

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Famee Furlane Club
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Canada resident Romeo DiBattista Jr. is an experienced CEO who leads daily operations at The Recycling Depot (Maple) in Vaughan, Ontario. Romeo DiBattista Jr. is an active supporter of the Famee Furlane club in Toronto.

Famee Furlane, a social club founded in 1932, is rooted in the Furlane community and culture, which is descended from the Friuli region of northeastern Italy. The club has grown over the years to include a multipurpose complex known as the Friuli Center, a restaurant and event center, and several senior residences.

The club operates a number of community programs and sporting activities, including the Dolomite Ski Group, which recently traveled to Mont-Tremblant in Quebec for a ski trip. Other sports activities of Famee Furlane include an annual golf tournament and bocce ball events. For additional information on the club and its many activities, visit www.fameefurlane.com.