Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Straws

Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Straws Romeo DiBattista Jr

Straws allow us to more easily consume beverages, but the ones made of plastic are not sustainable; when disposed of, they can harm and destroy the environment. Nevertheless, there are many alternatives to using plastic straws that are better for the environment.



The most innovative, alternative straw available is the Koffie Straw; it is designed from soft silicone that gives it durability and flexibility. The Koffie straws are available in two sizes and come with a tool for easy cleaning. They are also one hundred percent biodegradable. When someone is ready to dispose of their straws, they can burn them without worrying about their carbon footprint. Koffie straws are great for any beverage, hot or cold. They are also perfect for those who may be absent chewers, and they are safe for children.


Stainless Steel

The most durable alternative straws available are made of stainless steel; Green Steel offers a four-pack straw set. They are lead and toxin free, BPA free, and rustproof. Stainless steel straws are a great household accessory, but they can cause burns when used improperly. These straws should not be used with hot drinks and parents should be cautious when allowing their children to use them. Nevertheless, there are stainless steel straws with silicone tips for those who enjoy hot beverages or have children. The straw is durable and safe, and the soft tip design helps protect people from injuring themselves.



Another great alternative to a plastic straw is the glass straw; they are elegant and sophisticated. These straws are very delicate and must be handled with great care. Glass straws are not appropriate to tote around and may not be suitable for young children. Still, they are a great alternative to plastic at home or when attending a private party.



The cheapest and most easily disposable alternative straw available is made out of bamboo. They are a sustainable option to plastic since they can biodegrade. They are safe for cold or hot drinks and come in many sizes. The organic tool is versatile for those who need a straw that can be taken anywhere.



Paper straws are inexpensive and great for those interested in straws that have a one time use; they can be used in hot or cold drinks and are safe for children. Once an individual is ready to dispose of their paper straws, they can throw them away and the paper will disintegrate without causing harm to the environment.


There are many sustainable alternatives to the plastic straws we commonly use. Depending on your drinking preferences and habits, you can select the material that works best for you.


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