Ways We Can Reuse Aluminum Cans

Ways We Can Reuse Aluminum Cans Romeo DiBattista Jr.png

Most of the cans that pack food and other products such as soda are made of aluminum. Most families improperly dispose of their cans once they use the product contained within the aluminum cans. Failure to recycle or reuse aluminum cans results in unnecessary waste. This can be minimized or eliminated by reusing aluminum cans in creative and functional ways. Here are some of the simple strategies that can be used in recycling these cans.


Making Bird Feeding Troughs

Many people who are caring for birds spend a lot of money buying feeding troughs and water pots. Aluminum can easily be used as feeding troughs by removing either the top or the bottom and cutting across the mid-section. This will provide a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to store-bought troughs.


Housing Indoor Plants

A great method of decorating a kitchen or living space is by placing a few plants by windows and on sturdy pieces of furniture; doing so creates a natural environment that provides clear air and an environmental ambience. Aluminum cans will offer a better alternative to buying planting pots as they are readily available, recycled, and more affordable. Using an aluminum can to plant flowers or herbs is a smart application because aluminum containers hold water well to prevent leakages and can serve as a rustic addition to your decor.


Garden Markers

For gardeners, labeling plants tends to be important for organizational purposes. Rather than buy markers for this purpose, you can instead use aluminum cans to make your own. You can use a metal stamp or a dull writing utensil to emboss a permanent mark, or for short-term projects, you can use stickers.


Making Bracelets

Crafty individuals may be pleased to know that jewelry made from aluminum cans can be cheap, environmentally-conscious, and attractive. By cutting the can into thick strips, attaching them with glue, and wrapping ribbon around the bands, you can make a simple bracelet to give away. These bracelets are easily customizable, as well; just add additional ribbon, charms, or fabric scraps to personalize them.


Making Cookie Cutters

Finding a cookie cutter that suits your needs can be difficult. Manufactured cutters may not be the right shape, size, or dimensions that you want. With aluminum cans, you have the freedom to make cookie cutters in any form you’d like! By cutting the cans into strips and attaching them to make an appropriate length, you can then bend the connected strips to form a shape of your choosing!


Recycling aluminum cans takes many forms, many of them both functional and fun. By repurposing the empty cans for projects like those listed above, you can help prevent unnecessary waste while also saving money.



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