About Romeo DiBattista Jr.

romeo-dibattista-jrRomeo DiBattista Jr. is currently the Chairman and CEO of The Recycling Depot Group of Companies (Maple) as well as Chairman and CEO of Brovi Investments Limited.

A former investment banker with Standard Securities Capital Corporation (Toronto, Ontario), Romeo has proven his expertise across a variety of sectors. At Standard Securities Capital Corporation, he was responsible for structuring and overseeing many of the company’s deals and partnerships. He also facilitated the initial public offerings (IPOs) for many private corporations.

To this day, Romeo is highly active as an individual investor, spanning sectors such as construction and media. He balances this with his professional role at Brovi Investments Limited, which covers the competitive Toronto real estate market.

In addition to investing, Romeo has a long history in energy and environmental solutions. He currently focuses on facilitating these solutions via The Recycling Depot Group of Companies. This waste management services organization has grown to have international influence and provides an easy and environmentally friendly way for people to dispose of waste.