About Romeo DiBattista Jr.

romeo-dibattista-jrRomeo DiBattista Jr. is currently the Chairman and CEO of Brovi Investments Limited. Romeo is also the CEO of ALRO Strategic Investors Inc, a global private equity firm focused on a collaborative approach to transform companies and or projects in achieving their long term goals. ALRO works with management to develop and implement strategies that leverage ALRO’s existing operational and financial resources, while always working as one team, achieving one goal.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. has become a principle in Kingsdale Capital Markets Inc based out of Toronto, the new leadership team will rebrand the company shortly under the new name of Regent Capital Partners Inc.

Regent Capital Partners is a leading independent internationally recognized firm offering corporate finance and capital market solutions for corporations, institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals.  Our capital markets experience is extensive in all areas including corporate finance, investment banking and strategic advisory services including mergers and acquisitions, private capital raises, debt placements, restructurings and recapitalizations.

Wealth management clients receive dedicated attention and service from our senior team of advisors. At Regent, we believe that supporting our clients at every stage of their growth is the most important way to building wealth.  Our independence is a cornerstone to our values of working with our clients for the best possible solutions for their individual financial needs.

The partnership was founded in 2002 as Kingsdale Capital Markets and has successfully developed into a leading independent diversified financial services firm with a team of senior capital markets executives with an international perspective that is unique among top tier investment platforms”.

A former investment banker with Standard Securities Capital Corporation (Toronto, Ontario), Romeo has proven his expertise across a variety of sectors. At Standard Securities Capital Corporation, he was responsible for structuring and overseeing many of the company’s deals and partnerships. He also facilitated the initial public offerings (IPOs) for many private corporations.

To this day, Romeo is highly active as an individual investor, spanning sectors such as construction and media. He balances this with his professional roles at Brovi Investments Limited and ALRO Strategic Investors Inc.

In addition to investing, Romeo has a long history in energy and environmental solutions.